Our playlist this week is all about new songs on our radar this month. Spotify has their Release Radar playlists and we have an OurBasement Release Radar playlist. This has become a monthly thing as there always seems to be enough new tracks each month for a full playlist and this month there is more than enough. There are nearly 100 songs on the playlistl that have been released since our last Release Radar in mid January. Some tracks were released with an album, some singles are in advance of an upcoming album and there are multiple genres of music on our playlist as well.

I was excited about many tracks on the list, like the ones from Suuns, Dan Mangan and Lanikai. Check out Suuns video.

Suuns – Make It Real

Galaxie, U.S. Girls, Bahamas, and Rich Aucoin and many more had more tracks for us to enjoy. The Saskatchewan artists with new tracks this month are Picture Radio, Close Talker, Ryan Hicks, Rosie & The Riveters, Factor Chandalier and The Sheepdogs of course.

Our featured artist this month is Adrian Underhill.

Adrian’s album “CU Again” was just released. it features the new focus track “How To Make A Life Count” which you can find in OurBasement’s Spotify playlist. You can also find the record on Spotify!
Adrian Underhill has this to say about ‘How To Make A Life Count’:

“The lyrics in this song have always felt really important to me.  This is the one song on the album that continually brings emotions to the surface and makes me want to cry (in a good way?).  I wanted to write about my own privilege and about trying to find meaningful purpose in life.  Musically, this song really came to life when we got the live band playing on it.  Huge thank yous to Dām FunK on drums, Brandon Coleman on keys, Keith Eaddy on bass and Adam Bainbridge for producing this song and bringing the band together. Yes, there is a key change.​”​


What new music are you excited about this month?