Round 1 of Searchlight is all over and we went from over 2000 artists down to just 100 artists for Round 2. Fifty of the artists were decided on by CBC music producers and fifty were by who got the most votes. You can find the list on the CBC Searchlight post by Grant Lawrence.

Many of the artists I was voting for didn’t make it through unfortunately. I have more listening to do! I haven’t had a chance to listen to them all yet but I do have a few that have gotten my vote already:

The Royal Foundry

The Dearhearts


Super Duty Tough Work

Dayda Banks

Veronica Winter

Skylar Bouchard

Dana Lee


Amanda Jackson Band

Dan Verner

FM Berlin

Global Party Starters

Jordana Talsky



I will add to that list as I listen and find more. What artist are you liking? You can listen and vote here. I made a playlist of the ones I could find on Spotify and you can check out some of the artists there and then head over to vote for the ones you like. Enjoy and share your discoveries with the rest of us.