The playlists I make are already pretty biased to my tastes as a rule but this one is completely biased. It is full of tracks off albums I am really enjoying these days and a few singles as well. Some come from albums I have in mind for Polaris season, some are new and fresh tracks and some have just caught my ear and interest me but they are all tracks I am enjoying these days.

The Barr Brothers Queens of The Breakers is definitely a favourite album of mine this year. I can’t get enough of that album. There is so much going on in it and it just gets better and better the more I hear it. Esmerine’s Mechanics of Dominion is a masterpiece as well. You will find quite a bit of instrumental in the playlist as that is what I am liking a lot of these days. That is not all you will find though. There are a few different genres in there from rock to pop to hip hop to singer/songwriter to electronic and more. I am sure most people can find at least one track they really enjoy but I hope you find much more.

If I had more time I would list every song on there and try to explain what it is I enjoy about it. Time and the words to describe things are shortcomings of mine. Basically, as a rule, they have a good beat and I can dance to them. Go listen and throw some words at me at what you think of the playlist and the tracks on it. Then add some words to tell us about what you are listening to. Share the love!