May 13th is Mother’s Day this year so that is what our playlist is about this week. We start out in a City With No Children and then a little Birds & Bees happen in a time Before the Children Came Along. Children were Born Yesterday and we Welcome them into the world. Such Babes In The Wood they are. We shall sing them some Lullabies and Rock (Me Now) to sleep. For You Are My Sunshine and I Love You Like That and do it All For You my child. We shall Take Care of Each Other as mothers are Healers. For Love and Your Mother’s Sake just let her look after you.

We will sing many songs for Mothers and Mamas and bring some Flowers. We will think about our Roots and how they hold our Family together. The Children and Kids are thankful as am I even though I’m Not A Kid Anymore. Some Kids just Don’t Get It and they should Feel Shame as the band Single Mothers tells us.




PS: You Are My Sunshine has special meaning to me. My son was in the ICU when he was 2 years old and was very sick. There was a child in the next room that they played music for as his parents couldn’t be there. You Are My Sunshine kept coming on and the lyrics suddenly took on a whole other meaning for me. I really didn’t want to lose my sunshine. Thankfully he survived and is still the light of my life. Whenever I hear the song, I am taken right back to those days and get pretty emotional. Go hug your child and go hug your mother. She loves you!