This week we are taking another trip in the time machine back to Canadian Indie albums of 2008. Our playlists mostly focus on what is new but I thought it would be fun to check back to music we were listening to in the past. For those of you that were listening to CBC R3 back in the old days, many tracks will be familiar. There are a lot of tracks that might not be as familiar but the artist playing them is because it was from an earlier album before you became aware of them and others we just plain missed. So while it is a look back at 2008 there may still be some new to you tracks.

We started with 2006 in March because I am making this a monthly playlist and there are 12 months in a year and 2006 was 12 years ago. The plan is to do a playlist about albums from 2008 this month and 2009 next month, etc for the next year and then see how it goes from there. It can be fun to check back and see what music we still love and what music we once loved but have moved on from and to find out what we missed. I made a YouTube playlist that you can find below, with most of the same songs that are on the Spotify playlist.

2008 was another great year in music with albums from Black Mountain, Wolf Parade, Hayden, Coeur de Pirate, Constantines, Plants and Animals, Elliott Brood, Kathleen Edwards, Jill Barber, Mathew Barber, Sweatshop Union and on and on. It has been 10 years since all these wonderful albums came out. It’s a great trip back in time. Enjoy the ride!