It is double playlist week again. Canada Day is on this Sunday so I had to bring out the Canada playlist again with a couple new tracks added. It has over five hours of very Canadian music for your listening pleasure. From Stompin’ Tom Connors to Snotty Nose Rez Kids and everything in between. The way things are in the world these days, I am very happy to be Canadian. We certainly aren’t perfect and have some dark stories in our history, but it is a pretty fantastic country to live in. The music on the playlist mostly celebrates that fact. Oh Canada…oh oh Canada.

The other playlist is a much shorter one but one I spent much more time on putting together. The Polaris Music Prize Long List was revealed on June 14 and since then I have been listening to the 40 albums and trying to decide who is going to make my ballot for the Short List. I have until July 4 to make this decision and once again I am not finding it easy to do. I made a playlist of 10 tracks representing the albums that are on my Short List. I have to now narrow that down to 5 albums for my ballot. The Barr Brothers are my #1 pick and will be on my ballot for sure. Jeremy Dutcher’s album is a very interesting artistic album and will be on there too. Right now I am leaning towards U.S. Girls, Weaves and Lydia Kepinski finishing off the ballot but that may change before Wednesday. Who do you think I should vote for? Once our votes are in, we will all have to wait until July 17 for the official Polaris Music Prize Short List to be revealed. I am excited to find out who makes it through.

Once I have cast my ballot, it is out of my hands and I will just have to sit back and wait to see what happens. Unless of course, I were to get invited to the Grand Jury. Then I would be off to Toronto to help make that decision with 10 other jurors. That would be very cool and frightening at the same time.

Enjoy the playlists and Happy Canada Day!