It’s Release Radar playlist time! And not just one playlist but two playlists again this month! Along with our usual Spotify Release Radar playlist, there is a YouTube new video release playlist as well.

The YouTube playlist has over 40 new uploads. Some of them are official videos, some are just audio tracks and one is a request to Kanye West. Some of the tracks in the videos can be found on the Spotify playlist but overall the playlists are quite different and you should check them both out.

The Spotify Release Radar playlist has over 50 songs on it this month with some artists having a few tracks on there from new albums. Other tracks are teasers for upcoming albums and you can find some remixes and fun covers as well. I was excited about many tracks on the list, like the ones from Jesse Reyez, Kinnie Starr, Fucked Up, Old Man Luedeke and more.

Classified, Danny Michel, Tokyo Police Club and FOXTROTT all had more tracks for us to enjoy this month as well. The Saskatchewan artists with new tracks are Colter Wall, Deep Dark Woods, and Beach Body. There are a few Saskies in YouTube playlist for you to check out as well.

Features of the month:

Astha – an alt pop singer/songwriter that’s from Kathmandu, Nepal and currently based in Toronto.

Astha makes music that’s melodic, direct, and emotional, with lyrics that attempt to explore the human psyche: spirit, mind, and emotions. Her sound references pop, folk, R&B, and draws inspiration from other artists like Jhene Aiko, Ben Harper, Daniel Caesar, and Alina Baraz to name a few. The song is the title track of her new EP, to be released later this year.

Here’s her thoughts on the song:
The title track, Muse is the central source of inspiration that ties the 7 song EP together. The first spark of creative thought that sent me down a spiral of writing a whole collection of songs. Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamt of meeting my person. I sort of always had a traditional and idealistic view of what love should be; faithful, honest, and unconditional. “And you are my muse, and I choose, to need you, by my side, to love you, all my life”. I am making a vow here, to stick through thick and thin, to love this person forever.

Stefana Fratila‘s video “Knowing” combines field recordings and palpitating bass while haunting lyrical themes fill the air: “It’s like that time you said you’d kill yourself. Funny, how you only told the two of us. You made two women sick and everyone’s still caring for you.”
“Swallowed Seeds” and the following single, “Knowing”, will both be released on an A-Side/B-Side 7’’ with Toronto-based electronic label Bedroomer. Both tracks are centered around violence, abuse and deception in intimate relationships — particularly the lying, manipulating and deceiving of women.
“Knowing” starts off our YouTube playlist below.

And the main reason for this post is the Spotify playlist. I hope you find a few tracks you enjoy on it.