We have quite a few playlists for you this week. It began with an email from Arts and Crafts for promotion for Dan Mangan’s Troubled Mind album inviting you to “Get a customized Spotify playlist to dance away your troubled mind” with this link. And the idea for the theme this week was begun.  I invite you to try it for yourself as it is fun. I tried it a couple times and you do get variations with them all starting with Troubled Mind. Here’s mine:

Then Royal Canoe posted playlists by band member Michael Jordan whose is posted on the first Wednesday of the month.  Follow this one to see what he updates it to next month.

And also from Royal Canoe, Bucky Driedger’s playlist is posted on the third Wednesday of the month. What fun!

And now La Force will “curate” a playlist for you as well. Here’s the link for you to try. La Force is Ariel Engle, vocalist and newest member of Broken Social Scene. Below is the playlist I got.

I thought it was a great way to promote themselves and draw the listeners in and engage them. It helps the excitement build for their upcoming album releases. Dan Mangan engaged with people some more a couple days ago when he posted on FB that if you messaged him you got to listen to a track that hasn’t been released yet. But only for a couple hours and then it was gone. The messaging reminded me of Rich Aucoins fun Messenger previews to his songs. Even if you are talking to bots, it is fun and definitely engaging.

Royal Canoe had a fun promotion going on for people of Winnipeg. They had a scavenger hunt to find a boom box with a cassette of their new album Waver, that isn’t due to be released until January 25 2019. There will also be a private listening party of the album there. Lucky Winnipeggers! There was a video of the winners posted on FB.

Have fun and enjoy the playlists! I couldn’t go without adding one of my own. I will be starting my DarBar’s picks playlist this month. If you follow it you can see when I change the tracks on it. This month it is 15 tracks that caught my ear. Royal Canoe and Dan Mangan of course but also so excited to hear tracks from Begonia, We Are The City, Shad and others. Check it out.