Happy Thanksgiving weekend!

It’s Thanksgiving weekend in Canada so we of course have a Canadian Indie Thanksgiving playlist for you. There are songs about home and family and food and giving thanks for the blessings. It’s important to remember the blessings in our lives. Our great Canadian artists and the music they bring are a wonderful blessing for us. I give thanks for them.

McLean’s had an interesting article about The Odd, Complicated History of Canadian Thanksgiving. It is again a chance for us to look at things from a different angle. “A good start would be to acknowledge that Europe had pre-contact harvest feast traditions of their own, but to stop pretending Europeans invented Thanksgiving in Canada or the United States and, instead, consider how to repurpose the holiday to redress historical wrongs—and imagine a new Canadian identity


(This post is a re-purposed post from last year. The playlist has been updated with some new tracks.)