Recreational pot has been legalized in Canada as of Wednesday, October 17 and we have a playlist for this historic time. There are over 40 tracks about marijuana and getting high etc. and a few that are just good to listen to after you have had some weed. There are a few about hallucinations, paranoia and psychosis as well because that can be a part of the experience. Hopefully we all stay happy and relaxed while listening to the playlist though.

Nobody is sure how legalized pot Canada will be like and there is a lot we don’t know yet. Laws vary a bit from province to province. You can find out a bit more in this CBC article. There weren’t any stores ready to open in Regina on Wednesday. They did a lottery in Saskatchewan to choose who could get the permits for a cannabis retail store and the ones in town weren’t ready yet. I heard there are a couple not far from Regina that are open but people looking for legal pot in the city will have to wait awhile yet.

In the meantime, join me while I chill out and listen to this playlist.