Tis the season to listen to a lot of great Canadian Indie Christmas Holidays music! This is another playlist that began back on the CBC website and then I brought what I could over to Spotify. I shared it the last couple Christmas seasons and got some suggestions along the way for more tracks to add. There are some versions of traditional Christmas music but I do prefer the originals. This year I also made a YouTube playlist with most of the same tracks. I love Wintersleep’s Little Drummer Boy and it isn’t available on Spotify but I was able to add it on the YouTube one. And yes Ivan Hrvatska’s First I Make Love To You, Then I Make Love To Christmas is on both. Do you have a Christmas or Anti-Christmas song by a Canadian artist (indie preferably) that you would like added to the playlists?

For some more seasonal music you can head to The Line of Best Fit where they have their download of Ho! Ho! Ho! Canada 10 featuring seasonal selections from Begonia, Kalle Mattson, Jon Neher & Michael Scott Dawson and many more available. Some of the tracks are on the Spotify playlist as well but not all were available there. Zunior has their holiday album for 2018 ready for download. You can purchase that and some of the past years albums over at Zunior  and/or listen to their playlist on Spotify. Don’t forget to check out their Boxing Day sale as well. I look forward to that every year.

Thank you to everyone that checks in here, whether you post a comment or not. Thanks for reading and listening and sharing the love of music. Enjoy the playlist and Happy Holidays!

Canadian Indie Christmas Holidays Playlist