Music from the year 2015 is what we are listening to this week. Some of the tracks seem like it was just recently they dropped but these albums were released three to four years ago. If you were listening to CBC R3 then, you will recognize many of the songs on the playlist. The R3 we knew was changing but we still had live hosts and a blog there. I hope those familiar tracks will remind you of the good times.

There are also a lot of tracks that might not be as familiar but the artist playing them is and you just weren’t aware of them yet. Or there are some you may have just not have heard from before at all. Each month working on these playlists, I have found francophone artists that I wasn’t hearing at the time but am loving now. So while it is a look back at 2015 there may still be some new to you tracks along with the old favourites. Embrace them all!

We started with 2006 in March/2018 because I planned to make this a monthly playlist and there are 12 months in a year and 2006 was 12 years ago. We are now on 2015 this month and 2016 next month, and end with 2017 in March and then we can see where we go from there. It can be fun to check back and see what music we still love and what music we once loved but have moved on from and to find out what we missed along the way.

2015 brought us great albums from some of our favourite Canadian artists like Braids, Destroyer, The Elwins, Grimes, Buffy Sainte Marie, Patrick Watson, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Great Lake Swimmers, Metz and more. I put the tracks on the playlist alphabetically according to artist instead of any flow order and have found I found it best to listen to this one on shuffle. There is also a YouTube playlist again this month for you to watch and listen. Whatever works for you, enjoy!