It’s Release Radar playlist time! Release Radar are playlists that let you know what is new each month. We have a Spotify Release Radar playlist and a YouTube new video release playlist to help you to discover new music. Some of the videos in the YouTube playlist can also be found on the Spotify playlist but the playlists are very different and you should check them both out.

The YouTube playlist has over 40 new uploads. There is another video from the N’we Jinan project, new releases, some great covers and collaborations, lyric videos and live videos, and some of the videos we featured here at OurBasement. The Evaporators ft Jill Barber and Andrew W.K. is a lot of fun and a clip from The Smugglers show in Seattle made its way on there too! There is lots to watch and discover in the playlist so check it out.

The Spotify Release Radar playlist has over 80 songs on it this month. The tracks are new releases with some being teasers for upcoming albums, some just released albums and a couple remixes. There are many tracks from artists that have been featured here on OurBasement. There are also some tracks that are a little older because I just discovered them. This month I was most excited about the songs from Royal Canoe, Megan Nash with Bears in Hazenmore, and Hawksley Workman, and Hannah Georgas. Kid Koala, Wintersleep, Foxwarren, Les Trois Accords, Lanikai and Christine Fellows all had more tracks for us to enjoy this month as well. Keep them coming! Always great to hear new tracks from artists you enjoy.

The Saskatchewan artists with new tracks are Megan Nash with Bears in Hazenmore, Foxwarren, Ursa Maja, Eekwol and T-Rhyme, and Sharon Gudereit. There are some videos by The Dead South, Val Halla, and Factor Chandalier. I love my Saskie artists!

Said The Whale Cascadia Listening Party

A Said The Whale video starts things off on the YouTube playlist, with a couple more of their tracks in there as well. Their album Cascadia will be coming out Feb 8 and we are having a listening party today at about 3:15 pm PST/5:15 CST/6:15 EST. Check below and the comments for more details.

New Canadian Indie Vids