Today we bring you a few more tracks that you should listen to. Tracks from Abigail Lapell and from Jon Samuel who both had albums that came out February 1st and a track from Cartoon Lizard as well. Read what the artists have to say about how the songs came to be and then take a listen to them. We really do have some fabulous talent in this country.

Abigail Lapell – Down By The Water

We may be in the dead of winter, but “Down By The Water” is a springtime song. “Down By The Water” evokes the fantasy of escaping somewhere isolated, hiding from the world, in hopes of rediscovering your voice – and, ultimately, deepening your connection to the world.

The latest single from Getaway, my new album that came out February 1st on Coax Records (Rae Spoon’s new record label), “Down By The Water” features Dana Sipos on vocals. Dana’s a fantastic singer-songwriter who I first met while planning a bicycle music tour — we’ve toured and sung together often since then, and people have even told us we sound like sisters. For this song, we recorded live off-the-floor in a room together – no headphones, no isolation, just a guitar and our two voices.

I’ll be spending quite a bit of time on the road this year in support of Getaway, and I’d love to see you out there.

Jon Samuel – Dead Melodies

“When I wrote the song, it was a couple of years after I had finished making a record that nobody listened to,” Jon explains. “I just wanted to write a song about how art and music are undervalued—it’s literally worth nothing in a lot of cases. You make a record, spend a lot of time and money on it… and then it’s basically just free. And disposable, too, because there’s just so much of it. So that was the basic idea of ‘Dead Melodies’—I’m going to put this out there, and maybe nobody hears it, and it might be worth nothing!”

Read more about Jon at Auteur Research.

Cartoon Lizard – Lay of The Land

Each year, we dedicate months at a time and set aside our lives to write and record music deep in the woods of Cedar, BC. We live at the studio and immerse ourselves in the process of making music. We’re very particular about the fidelity and character of every aspect of a production, sometimes spending days refining individual elements.

The recording of “Lay of the Land,” our new song, was left dormant for a year before being resurrected in 2018 during our tenure at Risque Disque Records where some extra details were added.

It’s been hard not to get political lyrically in recent times, and “Lay of the Land” is definitely a product of that. We’ve all felt the change in climate and have been questioning our beliefs more so than ever. “Lay of the Land” is essentially motivation to never stop questioning yourself. Nobody has the answer, nobody is perfect. That’s something you have to be willing to accept and acknowledge when you’re in the wrong.

Take “Lay of the Land” as a free pass to admit you were wrong without any judgement.