It’s Release Radar playlist time! Release Radar are playlists that let you know what is new each month. We have a Spotify Release Radar playlist and a YouTube new video release playlist to help you to discover new music. Some of the videos in the YouTube playlist can also be found on the Spotify playlist but the playlists are very different and you should check them both out.

The YouTube playlist has over 50 new uploads. There is another video from the N’we Jinan project, new releases, some great covers and collaborations, lyric videos and live videos, and some of the videos we featured here at OurBasement. There is lots to watch and discover in the playlist so I encourage you to check it out.

The Spotify Release Radar playlist has over 90 songs on it this month. The tracks are new releases with some being teasers for upcoming albums, some just released albums and a couple remixes. There are many tracks from artists that have been featured here on OurBasement. This month I was most excited about the songs from Black Mountain, Close Talker, Odonis Odonis and Reignwolf. If you want a shorter playlist, follow my DarBar’s Picks playlist which has my favourites from the last few weeks.

Royal Canoe, Wintersleep, Pup, Digawolf, Tanya Tagaq, Dan Mangan and others all had more new tracks for us to enjoy this month as well. Keep them coming! Always great to hear new tracks from artists you enjoy.

The Saskatchewan artists with new tracks are Close Talker and Reignwolf and I think that is it this month. There are some videos by Reignwolf, Shannon Rae, Foxwarren and Megan Nash. I love my Saskie artists!

Featured Artists:

LIAM – Times Like This

“My name is Liam. I’m a songwriter, sideman, and mix/audio engineer. I write songs about my feelings. I am inspired by old guitars, dark rooms, my talented friends, warmth, and I really like Ryan Adams. First and foremost: I’m releasing an album I worked on with my friends and with Howard Redekopp (Tegan & Sara, Mother Mother, New Pornographers). “Times Like These,” the record’s first single, is now out.

This song is about the times in our lives when we feel our worst; our most anxious, most depressed, most broken. When we are low, we feel vulnerable and human. I had a rough year, but at 22, I could feel the growth that laid beneath everything else. “Times Like These” is about embracing our lows. Learning from our lows. Allowing our lows to make the highs rich and full.

Jane’s Party – Sattelite

Our new single, “Satellite,” depicts an other worldly encounter our lead singer (Jeff) had with a mysterious individual some years back whilst playing a bar gig in our local Toronto. With their unorthodox attire and unique mannerisms, his attention was caught immediately. But, before he could even go as far as a hello, they were gone without a trace as if they were never there in the first place.

Around the same time, Jeff was obsessed with watching UFO conspiracy footage and had come across a phenomenon known as The Black Knight Satellite – an object that seems to blink in and out of existence while orbiting the Earth in a very unusual manner. This analogy of the Satellite was the perfect way to describe the strange encounter that he couldn’t stop thinking about.

“Satellite” is the latest track to be shared off of Casual Island, our fourth full-length that’s out now! This album feels very personal to us, like we’re sharing that initial intimate experience when you’re first coming up with the song and recording it in your bedroom.

Enjoy the playlists! Don’t forget to click follow on that DarBar’s Picks playlist, it is being updated at least weekly.