I was looking for new ideas for playlists and got the suggestion for festivals from our friend Morgana. I liked the idea and am running with it. The first festival I picked was the Canadian Music Week Festival. What a first pick! There are a lot of artists heading to Toronto to play at Canada’s biggest New Music Festival. I have over 200 tracks on the playlist from artists that have been accepted to play.W

The festival will take place in venues across Toronto from May 6-12, 2019, showcasing the talents of musicians from a wide range of genres for both international industry and general public alike. During the day the conference takes place at The Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel. Then you can hop from venue to venue in the evening taking in as much great new Canadian music as you can. Check out the playlist to hear who is playing and go to the website to find out more.

What festival will we check out next month? What is your favourite festival?