This week we are checking out the Tiny Lights Festival that will be held in Ymir, BC from June 7-9th, 2019. The playlist of performers has a few familiar artists and a lot of new artists for us to discover. By the sounds of the playlist, it will be a fabulous weekend of music. Below is some excerpts from their website.

Ymir is a town with a rich history involving natural resource extraction, focusing on mining and forestry. In 1899, Ymir had eleven hotels, a bank, post office, one church, P. Burns & Co., butchers, a newspaper, school grades 1 to 10, a police station, a jail, blacksmith shop, mine recording office, physician and surgeon, plumber, barber, mining engineer and assayer, undertaker, two hardware stores, justice of the peace, notary public, mining broker and others. The population at this time, was 800. But the area surrounding and serviced by the town contained another 400, at the least.

At the festival we will be celebrating our history in many ways!

Our festival is unlike any other, with 7 historic venues running for three days with over 100 performances. Tiny Lights allows you to see top notch performers in small intimate venues. This is where magic happens for performers and audiences. Our Artistic Director has described it as a “…whole town house concert.” and a …”choose your own adventure festival”

Beyond musical performance and also included in the price of your ticket are many hands-on workshops for adults and children, spoken word, theatre and film. There is something for everyone all weekend long.

Take a listen to the playlist below and you might just want to add this festival to your plans.

Thanks for the Tiny Lights Festival suggestion Morgana.