That is what we are going to explore in this week’s playlist. There are many bands with the same words in their name. Royal seems to be a popular one with Royal Canoe, The Royal Foundry, Royal Oak even Royal Wood. Animals seem to be another common theme with lions and tigers and wolves…Oh my!…and owls and dogs too. Do not be afraid my pretties, these bands mean you no harm but only want to entertain you.

We can calm down when nature comes into the playlist with trees and mountains and woods. There is some colour in there and young, kids and teens. It might seem a little dark during the blood, ghosts and death band sections but then we take off and visit the moons and planets bands. It is quite a trip so enjoy the ride!

My Polaris Music Prize votes are in and the long list is revealed June 20. Next week we will look at the albums I hope to see on that list. The wait will be a long one for me and I am anxious to find out who makes it through. Who are you hoping will make it on the long list?