Canada Day is coming up on Monday and I have a 7.5 hour long playlist to help you get ready for it! This playlist has been growing over the years. Our Canadian artists do seem to love singing about our great country.

We have some tracks from the likes of Stompin’ Tom Connors, Joni Mitchell, Gordon Lightfoot and of course plenty from The Tragically Hip. Jason Collette, Classified, The Weakerthans also have something to sing about Canada. Others try to say it instrumentally such as The Cosmic Range, Do Make Say Think, Jon Neher/Michael Scott Dawson and Evening Hymns. There are songs about Canada, about provinces and cities of Canada, about The North, about winter, and a bunch that are just very Canadian such as The Hidden Cameras version of The Log Driver’s Waltz.

Our Canadian artists make my heart swell with pride. Happy Canada Day weekend!