It’s that time of year. After Labour Day Weekend and into September, the summer holidays are over and the kids are back in school. This week we are heading back to school with our musical curriculum. The songs on our curriculum starts with September and moves through many subjects. School, friends, kids, teachers, learning and then we talk about the future. These kids are our future and they are going to school to improve their futures. Next on the curriculum are the subjects of some of the tools that are used in school such as books, notes, paper, ink and the like. Followed by some of the subjects we take in school such as math, science, history and art. The completion of our curriculum is about a bit of daydreaming and the hope of making it through the year.

It is a full curriculum and I hope you can keep up and enjoy your musical education. Your homework is to listen to the curriculum and then report on what your favourites are. It is a requirement to pass Prof DarBar’s class. 😉