Hey Our Basement,

Women are often told to hide their sexuality and confidence. I’m learning to allow myself to let go and be the grown woman that I am. This new song is a landmark in my life, as I accept that it’s not wrong to feel sexy, and be flirty.

“Heaven&Safety” was inspired by pure, raw, unconditional love. When I sat down to write, everything flowed out of me so naturally – I let myself live in the space and time that my producer, Jacob Spitzer, was creating within the music.

We, as women, do not need to hide ourselves anymore. We are free to exist however we please. I am a woman, so I will only speak to my own experience. But, as a takeaway, I want EVERYONE – women, men, gender non-conforming, anyone living within or outside of the binary – to feel deserving of love in all of its forms.

To feel accepted, and comfortable, finding their own “Heaven&Safety.”

♥ Angelique ♥