Our playlist this week is all about Winter. I am not sure about where you are, but here in Regina winter has definitely arrived. As Canadians, many of us have learned to embrace the season and find the beauty in it. It can be very brutal but also so beautiful with sparkling snowflakes, frosted branches, and the squeaky/crunchy sound of walking through snow. There are many activities to be done in the winter. I enjoyed this video below of one couple’s adventures in Ontario and enjoying what winter has to offer.

Cozying up by a warm fire and drinking hot cocoa is another great winter activity. There are many great ways to spend the cold winter months but my favourite way is to enjoy music whether that is venturing out to a live show or cuddling up and listening to music at home.

The winter playlist below is another of those large compilation playlists that began years ago and keeps growing. It is now over 100 songs and over 7 hours long. That should help pass the time in a snow storm or blizzard. I have added a bunch of new ones this year, some that are new, some I newly discovered and some that were suggested. Get cozy and take a listen to them all.

Winter Drips From Trees by Caledonia feat. Tanya Davis, was a favourite Winter song of mine that disappeared from Spotify so here it is on SoundCloud.