Hi Our Basement,

Before being banned from the United States for 10 years, I had built a life in New York City. There I found myself crossing boundaries in a relationship based on manipulation, desire and bad decisions that would eventually crumble into disillusionment.

My debut single, “Badlands,” reflects on the role I played, confessed through raw lyrics and moody instrumentation. Written, produced and arranged entirely by me, “Badlands” is an alternative pop anthem that speaks to the darker side of desire.

This is what temptation feels like.

The video for “Badlands” follows me as I reach the final stage of a sordid relationship. Moving with focus through memories, highways, and mysterious fields, working through the complex process of a breakup, steadily fortifying myself for the end.

If I want to leave it behind forever, I’ll have to burn it all down first.
Very Very