It’s a double playlist day!

The first is the third in a series of playlists where we are checking out Canadian Independent Record Companies and the artists they represent. We started with Arts and Crafts and last month we listened to some music from artists that are on the Constellation Records label and this month we are checking out Dine Alone Records. This label seems to have a lot of rockers on it!

Dine Alone Records is a Canadian independent record label, founded in St. Catharines and Toronto by Joel Carriere. The label is now based in Toronto, Nashville and Los Angeles. Dine Alone was born out of founder Joel Carriere’s home in St. Catharines, Ontario. After years working various positions in the Canadian music industry and building his own cultural website and promotional company, Carriere launched Dine Alone Records in 2005. With a name drawn from post-hardcore influence, and a set of founders who had ties to the North American heavy music scene, Dine Alone worked with artists such as The Fullblast, Johnny Truant, City and Colour and Attack in Black. (from Wikipedia)

There is a great article from January 2016, looking at the first 10 years of the label over on Vice. They have a great history but also have some great current artists on the roster such as NOBRO, New Swears, Girlfriend Material, Single Mothers, The Dirty Nil and even Taggart and Torrens. Go to Dine Alone Records site to find out more. Rock on!

And we have a bonus playlist this week! These are strange times we are living in so our friend Donna had the idea to make a Beer O’Clock playlist like we had back in the glory days of CBC Radio 3. There was an amazing community of people that met every day online and listened to music together and the loss of that blog was why OurBasement got started. Donna gathered suggestions from the R3 group and is bringing us all together to listen to the COVID Ops: The Beer O’Clock Vaccine playlist and help fight the feeling of isolation some may be feeling during this time. I am sharing the playlist here as well. Thanks Donna! Woooohooooo!