We are playing Canadian Indie songs for summer this week for Playlist Friday. Summer began June 20, so we are in the middle of it now. This year is a very strange one and I am losing track of time. I am very afraid this summer is going to be over before I realize it. The music in this playlist helps me appreciate the season and inspires me to get out and fully enjoy it while I can.

This playlist is another one that has grown over the years to over 8 hours of music. Some more great summer songs were added this year such as Summertime by XL the Band/Swollen Members/Alpha Omega, Summertime by Orville Peck, Les étés de Montreal by Jill Barber, and Sunflower by Dizzy. There are some old classics in there such as Patio Lanterns by Kim Mitchell and Summer by Great Big Sea along with old Canadian Indie favs such as Here Comes The Sun by Jason Collette and Summer Dress by July Talk. There are songs about the sun and the beach and all things summer.

Enjoy the playlist and the rest of your summer!

Here is a more condensed version of the summer playlist.