Q1, Would you like to introduce yourself?
Hailing from Upper Chocolate Lake in The Land of Dairy Queen, please give a big round of applause for Matthew Swann

Q2, Did you ever run away from home?
When I was 5 cuz my mom wouldn’t buy me this animal shaped cookie with a pastel frosting face from the Safeway bakery . When I got home I knew it was time to go. Haven’t spoken to her since. I spent the rest of my childhood scavenging until I was able to get a job after my 16th birthday. The day that I received my first paycheck I went back to the Safeway but the cookie was gone.

Q3, If you could relive one moment in your life, which would it be?
3.Winning the gold in the decathlon at the 1952 Helsinki olympics!

Q4, To what extent do you plan your future?
4.Erutuf is future spelled backwards

Q5, What is the worst type of discrimination you have come up against?
5.Just all the usual imaginary discrimination that happens to white people.

Q6, When was the last time you laughed until you cried?
6.Saturday night

Q7, When were you last hungover?
7.Sunday morning

Q8, And, most importantly, what is your favourite type of cookie?
8.Please see question 2