This weeks playlist is a union of Canadian Indie tunes for Labour Day. Labour Day in Canada is celebrated on September 7 this year. This holiday officially celebrates workers and the labour union movement. It can also signal the end of summer in some ways. Here’s hoping we have a summer that goes long past Labour Day though. This year in particular, I am not ready for summer to end. Without my usual summer festivals and not getting out camping much, it just barely seemed to have started.

Labour Day, the first Monday in September, has been a statutory holiday in Canada since 1894. It originated in the first workers’ rallies of the Victorian era. Historically, workers marked the day with various activities. These included parades, speeches, games, amateur competitions and picnics. The holiday promoted working-class solidarity and belonging during a time of rapid industrialization. Since the Second World War, fewer and fewer people have participated in Labour Day activities. Nevertheless, it remains a statutory holiday. Many Canadians now devote the Labour Day holiday to leisure activity and family time. (from The Canadian Encyclopedia)

Will your day of leisure include music? Maybe this playlist will “work” for you, so put your feet up and listen to some great Canadian Indie music and enjoy your day of leisure. Work can wait for another day.