Hi Our Basement,

Opening up to someone and being vulnerable about how you feel is risky and can be uncomfortable.

My new song, “All I Wanted,” is an emotional plea to go deep and be vulnerable with someone you care about. Sometimes it’s not the outcome that is the most important, but having the courage to say what needs to be said.

“All I Wanted” encourages rolling your sleeves up and getting to the heart of past issues to rectify a relationship that you feel is worth rectifying. Tough conversations can lead to deeper friendship.

It’s about missing a friend and getting over my own angst about saying what was in my heart, and most importantly, the freeing feeling that came with expressing that.

Life is short. If you’ve been feeling for a while like you need to tell someone something, tell them. But life is also long enough to spend the time with those who really matter to you. Let your guard down.

Thank you for listening,
Abby J Hall