Q1, Would you like to introduce yourself?
Shawn Petsche: we’re Self-Cut Bangs. We became a “band” during the early stages of quarantine at the end of March and had this album written and recorded by the end of May. We started it to pass the time when our other bands (Napalmpom and Dark Time) became inactive from this whole mess. It was all just for fun, and just for ourselves, but as it started coming together, we started admitting to ourselves that we were proud of this rock record it and should make it a real thing!
Cayley Hanrahan: I’m a jazz dancer turned musician. Song lyrics often come to me all at once. I believe in following an impulse through to the end and I believe being too critical destroys the magic of making art.

Q2, Are you a good cook?
CH: I am an excellent cook! Just don’t expect me to follow ALL of the directions.
SP: Confirmed! I’m the opposite in that I’m very good at following directions. My best culinary skills are being able to identify which recipes are going to be delicious and in my wheelhouse, and then doing exactly what they say to do. Shout outs to Glen & Friends, Chef John (and his cadence), and Robert Rodriguez.

Q3, How old do you feel?
CH: I feel 20.
SP: When I’m playing music, 30. When I’m playing videogames, 16. When I’m living life, 40. I’m 38.

Q4, Were you a healthy child?
CH: Every school lunch consisted of a PB&J sammy, one apple and a bag of carrots. So, yes.
SP: I was very active – organized ice hockey and soccer, schoolyard football, that sort of thing. Diet-wise? Way too much root beer, fried chicken and ice cold Swiss Rolls.

Q5, What was the last movie you saw?
CH: Jurassic World. Wouldn’t recommend it.
SP: We watched it together. It feels bad nothing having something better to talk about, so shout out to Lovecraft Country, which has so far been inconsistent, but the great episodes have been really great.

Q6, When did you last smuggle goods through customs?
CH: I may have forgotten to claim a bottle of wine when I returned from Italy.
SP: Does a member of Voivod count as “smuggled goods?” I kid, I kid (kinda, sorta).

Q7, Who is your favourite actor?
CH: Charlize Theron.
SP: I’m going with a Top 5: Ian McShane, Kurt Russell, Diane Lane, Laura Dern and Kyle McLachlan.

Q8, And, most importantly, what is your favourite type of cookie?
CH: I love a good ginger cookie.
SP: I think white chocolate macadamia nut. It’s worth braving the weird smells coming out of Subway for.