Hi Our Basement,

“Headlights” is one to crank in the car, driving down the highway. In the Yukon, you can always see people coming, headlights on. Sometimes one is burnt out, but everyone is still rolling.

“Headlights” reflects on living in the Yukon, lost love, hitting the free store for tapes but overall it’s about having a good time and enjoying life.

“Yet, my heart always has a little spot in it that’s still broken, so I sing about the struggle of finding someone. Sell me, something I can hold on to. Give me a reason why I’ll do this again. Not to sob about my problems, but because many people can relate to that,” says drummer Eric Holland.

Produced by Jan DeVroede, this is the second of the two tracks we recorded in Montreal at Breakglass Studios, before they dismantled their giant live room, and our last recording outside of the Yukon before COVID-19 shut the world down. Shout out to Yukon Media Development & Yukon Government who helped support the recording!

Grab it, share it, rock out!
🤘 Speed Control