The OurBasement playlist this week is the Release Radar for October/2020 and is full of all the new music Canadian artists have been creating. I am a little behind on the new releases and we will check out Novembers releases soon! This week there is a Spotify Release Radar playlist, the playlist on YouTube and a YouTube new video release playlist to help you discover new music.

The new video release YouTube playlist has close to 40 new uploads this month. There are some official videos, some live videos, some cover videos and are usually pretty fun to check out and I encourage you to do so.

The Spotify Release Radar playlist has over 250 songs on it this month! The tracks are all new releases with some being teasers for upcoming albums, some from just released albums or eps, and some are stand alone singles. There are some tracks discovered through Exclaim or !Earshot and some from here on OurBasement. There is certainly no shortage of great music being made in this very strange year. Enjoy their creations!

And here are some of the new videos that came out!