It has been a rough year so I could use some good vibrations. My sister, Shannon, had terminal cancer and I have been living with her since February. We were thankful to have each other during these COVID times and I was very thankful to have that time with my sister. Shannon passed away in the evening of November 9 and I am in the process of dealing with that sorrow. My sister Shannon much preferred hearing upbeat music and we went to many festivals and local shows together. The playlist this week is in honour of Shannon and because I think everyone could use some upbeat music these days. It’s tough times all around.

In the playlist you will find some of the artists Shannon enjoyed discovering with me and a large selection of music I think she would like and a bunch of dance tracks as well. The first track, It’s A Beautiful Life by Billy Raffoul, was one I had heard before but when I heard it on Sunday it took on a much deeper meaning for me. Music has always been medicine for my soul but it is now more than ever. Hopefully this playlist of upbeat music is good for your soul too. Let’s dance our worries and the pain away!

Love you Sneester!