Hello Our Basement,

“514” is our ode to the beautiful city of Montreal. Our hometown’s energy is creative and electric. The people are kind and open – you can feel the joie de vivre in the air, especially in the summertime.

If your city inspires you, pushes you to open your heart and do better, then this song is for you.

This is our first fully self-produced single, recorded in our own studio, with some help from the retro synth wizard himself, Paul Shrofel.

The beauty of a song about a city is that everyone has their own unique stories and experiences within that city. Montreal has no lack of open-mindedness, artsiness, or beautiful people, and this city is an ongoing narrative that threads through the story of our own lives.

We are a product of our environment, and “514” is a snapshot of our experience in Montreal.
We’re just grateful to have had this jungle of culture to grow up in.

Dear Montreal, we fall in love with you all over again, every single day.

Thank you for listening!
Just Costa