Hi Our Basement,
Hope you’re taking care right now!

I co-wrote this new song with JUNO award-winning Kevvy (Carly Rae Jepsen, Fake Shark) and two-time Polaris Prize listed Louise Burns (Haley Blais).

A blend of two stories, Louise and I were experiencing different relationship challenges that converged over poor communication, eternal misunderstanding, and overreaction.

We glorify relationships that appear easy or effortless, when—in reality—relationships with no attempt to try and really understand each other are destined to leave people feeling empty. I’m imagining that the person inside of the song’s relationship dynamic is describing it as “effortless” to outsiders who interpret that as proof of a happy couple, while it’s actually tormenting the person inside.

I hope “Make You Sad” can accompany you while doing something solitary. Think of an early morning or late night walk, a drive, or sitting somewhere with a nice view in contemplation.

Michaela Slinger