We are celebrating Family Love today at OurBasement. With Valentine’s Day on Sunday the 14th and Family Day (for some provinces) falling on Monday the 15th, we have a playlist combining the two. During these trying days, you either are spending too much time with family or are separated from them. Throughout the world, people are struggling to deal with the stress of the coronavirus pandemic, and social distancing measures and stay-at-home orders have made it difficult to show your family you love them. You can help cheer your loved ones up, or even help them manage their anxiety amid the coronavirus outbreak, with these super simple acts of love and kindness you can find at The Active Times. There are some good suggestions on there such as write and play music for them and share playlists. I don’t know how to write or play music very well, but I do love to share playlists! It’s my way to share my love.

The playlist has a combination of tracks about family and about love and sometimes even both in the same song. Enjoy the music and feel the love. Have a wonderful weekend with your loved ones, near and far!