Hello Our Basement,

It’s all too easy to feel defeated in life. This song pokes fun at that notion. Not everything in life needs to be taken so seriously; it’s okay to laugh at yourself sometimes.

“Got Some (But It Ain’t Enough)” toys a lot with the notion of the bigger picture, the thing most of us fear and dread, the one thing lots of us avoid… the void. It’s got a toe-tapping, uplifting, anti-downer feel to it, with the lyrics taking a piss out of things.

The main guitar riff came about when I was tinkering backstage killing time before soundcheck. The rest I fleshed out with my SUNFIELDS tribe at our rehearsal space out in the countryside of Hudson. It’s not a polished ditty. It’s a living thing, warts and all. I purposefully left it quite loose with lots of room to breathe. There’s no such thing as perfection.

The main theme of our new album, Late Bloomers, out on March 12th, is about who we were and what we’ve become, all and the changes in between.

• S U N F I E L D S •
Jason Kent