This week’s playlist is a continuation of our cross country journey we are going on this year, with a listen to the Alberta Adagios and Allegrettos. Back in the early days of OurBasement, we took this journey before and I thought it was time to take it again. On August 5 of 2016 we had a stop in Alberta and we are back in 2021 to hear what is new there. I updated that playlist, added a few more and then went to Alberta Music and found some other artists, concentrating on some of the ones that have released music in the last 5 years.

Alberta is another province rich in talent and the Wild Rose country is certainly diverse. The first part of the playlist is newer tracks from Alberta artists and then some other tracks from artists on that original playlist, followed by some artists that I knew of, and artists I wasn’t so familiar with. There is both a Spotify version and a YouTube version.

So take a moment to smell the roses and enjoy Alberta’s Adagios and Allegrettos!