Hey Our Basement,

I think everyone knows what it feels like to be their own worst enemy. You’re always going to be most critical of yourself. In my new single, “Worst Enemy,” I really wanted to capture how frustrating it can be fighting in your own head over everything.

A couple of months before the session, I wrote down the first two lines of the chorus “no one wants to cry with the radio on, shuffling my music and it’s all sad songs.” It’s about acknowledging the self-sabotage, but recognizing too that it’s part of being human and not letting it eat away at you all the time.

“Worst Enemy” was actually one of the first songs I made on a trip to LA late last year. I collaborated with Nick Lopez and Izzy Perri with the intention of creating something a bit different sonically than my past releases while also keeping my identity as an artist and song-writer. I never want to be 100% the same person I was the day before. As I grow as a person, I want my music to grow, too.

You’re not alone in fighting with yourself, those feelings are normal. Your experiences can be used as learning lessons; move along each day without beating yourself up too much.

Be kind to yourself 🙂
Jess Benko