It is a double playlist day! Today is World Prayer Day and Tuesday is Panic Day, so we have a playlist for both. Which way do you want to go? These days more than ever, either are valid and maybe even both.

The World Day of Prayer is a global ecumenical movement which brings Christians of many traditions together to observe a common day of prayer each year. This very special day is normally celebrated on the first Friday in March each year, but this year, it will be a virtual event due, of course, to COVID-19. Because it is virtual, you can celebrate it on the day of your choosing. Here at OurBasement we will celebrate it with songs on prayer and peace. If you want to participate in the day futher, go to the World Day of Prayer site to find out more.

Panic Day is on Tuesday, March 9.

Panic Day is the one day of the year that it might just be okay to give into that emotion that we all try to keep in check–panic! It is okay to feel overwhelmed or upset. Giving into that feeling every once in a while does not necessarily make a person weak or inept. 

So go ahead and mark your calendar, and hang on tight until you get to Panic Day! Once the day starts you can take the time to just let it all out, whether screaming into a pillow at home or climbing a mountain alone just to have a good yell after arriving at the top! Or it might be a day to recognize and apply some ways to avoid panic in the first place. (Source: Days of The Year)

Our playlist for Panic Day just might help with that. It has songs about panic, anxiety, mental health issues, yelling, screaming, and a few songs about fighting and holding on as well. It is meant to be a cathartic playlist to help us deal with the suppressed emotions we have been dealing with and release them. I hope it helps! Remember to reach out to friends or family or find support if you are feeling overwhelmed.