Hello Our Basement,

Learning to let go of internal and external pressures is a continuous learning process. Our new track, “Some Kind of Loser,” was born out of a rough day in the studio that was followed by some upcoming shows falling apart in advance.

I was half joking around thinking about how much time and energy I was spending obsessing over music stuff and feeling like a bit of a dork. I think everyone can relate to that in some way. But that’s when it dawned on me that sometimes you might just have to learn to enjoy the rollercoaster because I knew that I was always going to continue making and sharing music, regardless of the results.

This is a song that lets our pop freak flag fly. Committing to the addition of strings with the help of Drew Jurecka took the song to another level.

Truth told we both know we’re in the wrong

As much as “Some Kind of Loser” is about charting your own path, these lyrics reflect on how it would ultimately be beneficial learning to work together and respect each other’s paths.

Thank you for spending time with this song!