Our Basement,

“Nouvelle Vague” (English Version) is a breath of hope in the face of change. A call to look around us, realize we are not alone. We are complementary to each other and together we can shape a better, improved world.

Not unlike the shift in paradigm brought forth in this past year, we had to go through a very similar process when we moved to Canada from Lebanon almost two decades ago; adapting to a whole new way of life, set of rules and a culture far from the comfort of what we know. We learned that only through the power of community and shared experience can we elevate ourselves and our society.

Single cover designed by Mohamad Abdouni

In the official music video for “Nouvelle Vague” (English Version), we explore the extraordinary events witnessed from our bubbles: a revolution in Lebanon followed by a colossal economic crisis and topped by the terrible explosion, COVID-19, the rise of social movements such as Black Lives Matter, the death of Arab LGBT+ rights activist Sarah Hegazy, the confinement, our reinvention as musicians in the cloud, and social media. We are hit from all sides by an overflow of digital information. By the end, we become one with this digital noise, we learn how to surf the wave and come out of the experience stronger and more at peace.

Our full-length album, Born to Leave, available on April 30, 2021 explores identity and transformation through our immigrant perspective. With songs in English, French and Arabic, the record is a tribute to the Arab community who are often faced with no other choice but to leave their homes in search of peace and freedom.


“Nouvelle Vague” (English Version) is dreamy and airy, evoking a peaceful sense of nostalgia. We drew inspiration from Detroit Techno and French pop/electronic music from the 80s and 90s, as well as our own middle-eastern musical heritage. We hope this track feels like a warm embrace from a friend or loved one.

Thank you for supporting us,
Wake Island