Easter and Spring are the themes of the playlist this week, Canadian Indie style. The first of the playlist are loosely based on the Easter theme and meant purely for listening enjoyment. After Ivan Hrvatska brings us some Easter Love, the beginning tracks are about Good in honour of Good Friday and there are some songs about faith and religion. The playlist gets a bit dark with some songs about dying and crucifixion, representing Jesus dying on the cross. But then there are songs of resurrection and coming back. The playlist then transitions from Easter into Spring with songs about being new and they rest of the playlist has tracks of spring, rain, flowers and such and concludes with songs about life. Life is precious and something to celebrate.

This year is another Easter during the pandemic. Rejoicing might be difficult for some at this time, but hang in there and stay in touch with friends and family even though you may still be apart. Hopefully the playlist helps bring some joy for you. Happy Easter all!