Hi Our Basement,

No matter where we go, our shadows are things that we carry with us. My new single, “Shadows,” reckons with my anxiety. It can be manic in the moment and is often hard to put into words.

I want to hold it in my hands then set it free.
I can visualize and almost feel what it would be like putting it out to pasture and experience a moment of peace.

It has been a very unique experience creating music this year, working closely with my producer Giordan Posterino in Toronto and my label Plus Minus Equal, while I am based in Welland. Giordan plays the instruments, taking control of my computer while I cut vocals. After reworking this song in several ways, Giordan and I returned to the original demo as the best incarnation of “Shadows.”

There can be a level of desperation in seeking to solve your anxiety, along with a need to intimately understand it and a profound willingness to let it go. Yet there is a bit of celebration in admitting our struggles.

Thank you for your time,
Jeff Beadle