Hello Our Basement,

I was inspired to write a song owning up to my own hypocrisy. I was also concerned about our penchant for absolutism. In these polarizing times, I was in awe at how fast we were becoming indoctrinated into political cults and tribes, and I needed to examine my role in that.

“Righteous … Right?!” was written as a stream of consciousness during the political upheaval in the United States in January 2021, while I was based in a permaculture farm in the Costa Rican Jungle bordering Panama. With a lot going on, in my mind and in the world, I asked myself how I could do better.

You’ll hear a tone of urgency as I explore frustration, guilt and hypocrisy about the predicament of social media platforms, and the pitfalls of living in a modern world. Honest and raw, it’s part of my “First Take” series where I reduce the production to a basic offering.

I appreciate your time,
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