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Background photo credit: Justin Broadbent

By Regina Sienra

You’ve probably never heard this side of him before. In a completely unexpected move, Shad, beloved rapper from Toronto and host of CBC’s q, has released a new album. But while it’s Shad’s voice, and Shad on the cover, it’s definitely not a Shad record.

Under an alternate identity, Your Boy Tony Braxton, Shad has released Adult Contempt on Arts & Crafts. The 10-track album shows us a new side of the musician: Top-of-the-class R&B with some heavy hints of old school pop.

The name — Your Boy Tony Braxton — obviously speaks to the era I’m evoking, but also to the lyrical content and overall tone: The idea of a dude named Tony Braxton who likes to sing (but obviously isnt as good as the famous Toni Braxton) is a surprisingly accurate embodiment of how this music feels to me: Vulnerable, funny, and ultimately, hopefully a worthwhile offering,” Shad told Stereogum, who premiered the album, about this daring new phase.

You can stream Your Boy Tony Braxton’s Adult Contempt and read Stereogum’s take on his new direction here.