Take A Listen To This

Here are some new tracks you should take a listen to from Pleasure Craft, Johnny Payne and Fade Awaays. They all have a different take on clubs, drinking, mass social situations and entertaining. Read what [...]

Take a Listen To This

We have a couple more new tracks for you to take a listen to today. They are both pretty fantastic. Different moods to them, with one being more haunting and one with a bit more [...]

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Playlist Friday: OurBasement Release Radar Nov/2017

The playlist this week is full of new tracks that have come out in the past month. Fall seems to be a busy time for new music from our Canadian artists. Some of my favourite [...]

Walrus – Family Hangover

By Darlene Barss Walrus released their debut LP on June 9, 2017 and it is getting a lot of positive reviews. Since hearing their tracks from their Goodbye Something EP, I have been looking forward [...]

Hollerado’s New Album – Born Yesterday

At the beginning of the year we were treated to a new track from Toronto-based Hollerado, entitled "Born Yesterday", a few months later the band revealed that this was also the title of their new album, [...]

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Your boy Shad is back with a new name and sound

For today's daily discussion, head over here Background photo credit: Justin Broadbent By Regina Sienra You’ve probably never heard this side of him before. In a completely unexpected move, Shad, beloved rapper from Toronto and host [...]

It's raining Mann: Surprise album release from 2014 Searchlight winner

Out of nowhere, we have a whole new album from 2014 CBC Searchlight winner Lauren Mann (then of Lauren Mann & The Fairly Odd Folk). Dearestly, Mann said in her announcement, is a chronicle of [...]

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Amos the Transparent – Change My Mind

Amos the Transparent, the Ottawa six-piece, is back with a new single called “Change my mind”. The song was announced on a Facebook post and is available for purchase on their website for however much [...]

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From Zeus' forehead springs Ocean Potion

Just in time for the summer, Zeus announced today that guitarist Mike O’Brien and recently-added guitarist/keyboardist Jason Haberman have released four tracks from their new act, Ocean Potion (not the sunscreen). This is the first music [...]