The Extroverts have often been called Saskatchewan’s first punk band.

Forming in 1979 they toured the Canadian prairies extensively for three years winning fans as they went.

By the time it all crashed and burned in 1982 they had written 75 original new wave, rock and, punk tunes but, while they made many demos and live recordings they only ever released one 7″ single “Living in Poverty/Political Animals”.

Following a reunion gig at Regina’s O’Hanlon’s in 2009 all four original Extroverts got back together.

“The instigator of this was that D.O.A. was touring again, and we had played with them and are longtime friends with Joey [Shithead],” says Holmlund. “I knew the drummer would be fine with it. Our bass player only wanted to do it if the singer was going to do it, and he was banking on the fact that the singer wasn’t going to do it — he hadn’t been on stage in 25 years.

While preparing for the 2009 DOA show, the Extroverts discovered lyrics from 1979-ish that had never been put to music the first time around. Guitarist and co-songwriter Eddie Lester explains: “Singer Brent Caron was a very prolific lyric writer, and would crank songs out with specific tempos or melodies in mind. Unfortunately, he played no instrument and couldn’t communicate the music part of the songs.”

“I would take a pile of lyrics and put music to them, then play that back to Brent and the band to learn,” says Lester. “We wrote 75-80 songs that way. When we reformed in 2009, we went through our collections of memorabilia, and Brent brought over another pile of his unused lyrics from the olden days. I went through the pile and that’s how we came to have our first brand new song in almost 30 years: Spudboys. Brand new insofar as the music is new, and the lyrics are almost 30 years old.”

Their most recent album “Supple”, released earlier this year, is the bands second album. The first one, only released last year, was made up of thirteen tracks they found on a thirty-something year old cassette of recordings performed live off the floor that they’d forgotten ever existed plus one ripping new song they recorded recently.

To keep up to date with the Exroverts you can visit their site “” where you will find all their social media links along with details of any other forthcoming shows.

The Extroverts can be seen next at:-
An Evening with The Extroverts
Saturday, Nov 5 @ 8:00 PM
Lemon Drop Salon, 1954 Angus Street, Regina
EARLY SHOW! Doors at 8:00, music at 9:00. Tickets are $15 or $12 with a donation to the Regina and District Food Bank.