91.3FM CJTR, Regina Community Radio, and Sawchyn Guitars Ltd. proudly present Got It Covered: Saskatchewan Musicians Cover Each Other’s Music, a compilation of cover tunes in support of CJTR. The CD will be launched with a listening party at The Capitol (1843 Hamilton St.) on Thursday, October 27th from 6-8:30pm. Musicians will be in attendance to meet and greet supporters and to explain their cover song choices.

Got It Covered’s existence is an indication of the importance the community radio station has among Regina’s diverse music community, including the project’s sponsor, Sawchyn Guitars Ltd. who state “We rely on the local community to support our business and take every opportunity to give back to that community”.

The juried compilation saw 25 submissions, which was whittled down to fifteen selections by the committee. “The jury had a really tough time choosing which artists to include on the compilation, but in the end they came up with an amazing line-up”, says Joshua Haugerud, CJTR’s Executive Director, “we’re so honoured that all these musicians invested their time and talent in the station.”

You can listen to the album at Bandcamp.com where you can also buy a digital copy for only $10.

Got It Covered: Saskatchewan Musicians Cover Each Other’s Music Track Listing:
*Brackets indicate original performer/writer

1. Town To Town (Zachary Lucky) Belle Plaine and Blake Berglund
2. Days Full Of Rain (Tim McCashin) Snake River
3. Light It Up (Mabaleka) SOULLESS SUN
4. Something GuD (VBRTR) DGS Samurai Champs
5. I May Not Come Home (The Wildmen) The Bystanders
6. A Love That Sticks (Rah Rah) Ryan Hicks, Musician
7. Two Years Gone (Scott Richmond Music) Bev Zizzy
8. I’m All Ears [You’re All Tongue] (Fight the Monster) T.B. Judd
9. To The Lady Downstairs (The Bull North) Tyler Gilbert
10. Baby Jesus (Porticoast) Bad Comrade
11. Honey You (The Dead South) Grim
12. Memphis 2008 (Kory Istace VS The Time Pirates) Day Trip
13. Too Poor For The Radio (Soiled Doves) The Skamunists
14. Were You In Love With Me (Andy Shauf) Jon Neher
15. Fairy Tale (Poor Nameless Boy) Legends