While JindaLee is an Albertan by birth she has spent much of her time living in places as far apart as Germany, Japan and, Montreal before settling down in Toronto. Her far-reaching travels, along with an interest in various genres, are reflected in her eclectic music style. Her background in Creative Writing is evident in the language used to explore the themes of travel, art, philosophy, dreams, and relationships.

In October 2007, she completed her first full length album entitled Strangers’ Lives which she toured in January 2009. After releasing her second album in January 2014, Rise and Drift, she embarked on a North American tour with her band and followed with two solo European tours.

Her third album, Wild Spectrum, will be released on November 29th and its credits read like a who’s who of Canadian indie, featuring contributions from Spencer Cole (Weaves), Thom Gill (DIANA, Bernice, Snowblink), Bram Gielen (DIANA), Ghislain Aucoin (Queer Songbook, Triple Gangers) and Alex Samaras (the Twin Within). The album was recorded live off the floor at Toronto’s 6 Nassau and mixed by Matt Smith.

The 10 songs translate a “colourful array of experiences and emotions that can be both challenging and beautiful at the same time” into a sound that jumps between folk to pop to funk to jazz, with JindaLee’s own experimental flourishes added to each genre.

As the titled implies, the LP aims at delivering “a spectrum of experiencing and sensing,” and you can immerse yourself in all of it by hitting play down below.

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