Leanne Goose is a songstress from the north who pours her passion into her music that resonates from the heart of the MacKenzie Delta. She is a proud Inuvialuit and Dene woman who was born and raised in Inuvik, Northwest Territories, a place she still calls home.

Country and Blues are at the core of her creative genius, but creating music wasn’t just something she was taught, it was something she was born with.

Her gift was nurtured by her father, the legendary Louie Goose whose iconic career spans 25 years. Her dad recounts memories of his daughter, singing an old Patsy Cline tune into a willow, toy guitar at her hip, to a sold out crowd of stuffed animals. It wasn’t long before Leanne garnered the attention of a live audience, joining her father on stage at the age of 12.

Artistic influences were prevalent in Leanne’s early years and include a roster of music greats like Hank Williams and Ma Rainey and of course the ever present voice of the arctic winds.

Today, she still carries her stories of living and loving life above the Arctic Circle that she weaves into powerful melodies with brazen lyrics. They’ve carried her across the country and into the US where she shares her music through the intimacy of acoustic styling or energetic full band performances.

Leanne is an eclectic entertainer whose range of music genres is not limited to Country and Blues. Comfortable in any scenario, Leanne has rocked the big stage and achieved recognition throughout the music industry for her versatility and soulful vocals.